In September 2004 George Pavlidis creates his own Goldsmith workshop, having completed his studies at the Greek Centre of Goldsmith with specialization in Gemology.These studies complete and enhance his technical knowledge upon the gem stones and add even more value to his 10-year experience, already acquired in the workmanship of jewelry, as his activation on these products started at his early age.


The sincerity and the will to make honest cooperation are the basis of all our professional activity.

PagisThe Brand Name PG

The company commenced its activity under the brand name PG which comes from the initial letters of the owner’s name, written in Latin. PG is the base of the first designs and the first product range distributed in the market.

Our range

The first creations of the laboratory focus on silver rings. Later the crosses for the Christening ceremony (Baptize) in K14 gold follow the silver rings together with special and tailor made jewels.

Our target

The company now targets and prepares to enter the foreign markets changing its brand name to PaGiS from PG- Pavlidis. The new company with the brand name PaGiS designed and produced a very special series of rings with diamonds under the name LOV by PaGiS which is available for anyone interested, either from Greece or from abroad.

Moral values

Our company from its first steps in doing business was based on specific moral values. The honest but professional behavior before of all our customers is one of our moral values. This point has now become the best among our strengths! From the first moment of our professional activation we have promised that will never expose your face to yours customers because we know that every business has been set up with personal labor and we all want to have trusted partners who make us proud with the right goods either from the part of the quality of service or from the metals, stones, superior craftsmanship and design as well as the quality of production and agreement fulfillment.

This is one of the major reasons we are known in shop keepers and wholesalers among our industry and this WE WILL NOT change it, the slightest !

George Pavlidis